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The artist...CONE

Edgy, raw, and primal expressions explode in vivid colors and in unique form to become works of art that are absolutely Cone.  His masterful approach creates an irresistible gravity.  If you love art…you will love Cone.  His compositions and subjects range from the profound and complex to the ordinary.  Cone presents many of his creations in a visionary-cubist style that is imaginative and impactful.  The visions and inspirations for Cone’s creations emerge from the depths of his soul primarily taking form with a cubist accent.


Collectors and admirers of Cone’s work delight in his variety of expressions.  Critics sometimes challenge Cone’s broad range - suggesting a narrower channel of style.  Cone appreciates both the delights of the collectors and admirers and the challenges of the critics, as creativity continues to ignite from his soul.  He knows well, that it is all positive, and ultimately… “all for the love of art.”


Cone’s works include paperworks, paintings, mixed media assemblages, collages and sculptures.

His home and studio are in coastal Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Photography by Jonas Jordan

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